Becoming a New Patient

You are welcome to contact our office directly or visit our clinic in person. Or you may be referred by a family member or a friend. We also accept patients referred by their general dentists and other dental specialists such as Endodontists, Oral Radiologists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, Pediatric dentists and Periodontists. Patients referred by other dentists will return to their General Dentists for ongoing care after their Prosthodontic treatment is completed in our clinic.

Initial Consultation

Your first consultation appointment will take about 45 minutes to one hour. Dr. Guo will perform an initial examination and assess your treatment needs. In most cases, you will receive initial advice on treatment options. The anticipated time frame and approximate cost for your specific situation may be explained to you. Future appointments will be established after you have expressed interest in pursuing treatment.

Diagnostic Record

For patients with complex needs, a second appointment will be scheduled to obtain necessary diagnostic information, including diagnostic casts (models of your teeth), intra-oral photographs, and necessary digital radiographs.

Treatment Planning and Consent for Treatment

Dr. Guo will thoroughly evaluate the diagnostic records and prepare treatment plan that best suits your needs. A detailed treatment plan with different options will be presented to you at this appointment, which is usually scheduled a few days after collecting all the diagnostic information.

We encourage you to bring your significant other or person who may help you in the decision making to this appointment. In addition to the treatment options, benefits and risk factors will be discussed. Questions will be answered prior to obtain your consent to continue treatment.

Treatment and Aftercare

Duration of treatment and lengthy of each appointment may vary based on the specific treatment plan and patients' specific needs. Dr. Guo is dedicated to provide the highest standard of care. She makes sure patients look and feel good during treatment phases. After completion of treatment, Dr. Guo will also discuss the aftercare recommendations with patients to keep the healthy smile last long.

Request an Appointment

Send us a message with your desired date and time you’d like to make an appointment, and we will contact you promptly.