Case Gallery

All cases in this gallery were treated by Dr. Juanli Guo.

Case #1: Full Mouth Reconstruction

[Before]: Failing crowns and bridges due to cavities and worn teeth

[Before]: Patient was self-conscious about facial appearance and smile

[During treatment]: Ideal bite constructed using wax

[During treatment]: After teeth preparation, patient went home with new temporary crowns and bridges

[After]: Post-treatment x-ray after bone grafting, implants, new crowns and bridges

[After]: Reconstructed bite with new crowns, bridges, and implant bridges

[After]: Patient’s natural smile after full mouth reconstruction

Case #2: Full Mouth Reconstruction

[Before]: Severely worn teeth causing sensitivity of teeth and self-conscious about appearance

[After]: Reconstructed bite with new crowns and implant crown (lower left side in the picture shown here)

[Before]: Severely worn upper front teeth showing non-proportional short and wide teeth

[After]: Upper front teeth with new porcelain crowns showing proportional and esthetic teeth

Case #3: Implant Overdentures

[Before]: Upper jaw with two fractured roots underneath the gum tissue

[Before]: Lower jaw with aggressive caries and non-restorable teeth

[During treatment]: Upper jaw with four implants placed

[During treatment]: Lower jaw with two implants placed

[After]: Patient wearing newly constructed implant overdentures. Optimal function and esthetics were achieved.

[After]: Patient’s natural smile when wearing the implant overdentures

[After]: Upper overdenture view from inside

[After]: Lower overdenture view from inside

Case #4: Full Mouth Reconstruction with Implants

[Before]: Failing teeth due to severe gum tissue disease (periodontitis)

[Before]: Facial smile

[After]: New Bite was constructed using implant supported long bridges on both upper and lower jaws

[After]: Natural facial appearance with new implant supported teeth/bridges in place

Case #5: Combined Crowns/Bridges and Partial Dentures

[Before]: Multiple teeth missing on upper draw, severely worn teeth, and overclosed bite.

[Before]: Patient was self-conscious about facial appearance and was not able to function well with existing teeth

[After]: Upper bridges, crowns, and partial denture in place (no clasps on the front portion of the partial for esthetic reason, special mechanisms used in this case)

[After]: Patient’s natural smile, both function and appearance were restored successfully

Case #6: Implant Bridge

[Before] Failing bridge due to cavity

[During treatment]: Two dental implants were placed

[During treatment]: Implant bridge

[After]: Implant bridge in patient’s mouth

Case #7: Two Single Implant Crowns

[Before]: Two dental implants were placed after two teeth missing due to cavity

[During treatment]: Implant abutments in place

[After]: Missing teeth were restored with two single implant crowns

Case #8: Front Two Single Implant Crowns

[Before]: Two upper front teeth missing due to car accident

[After]: Two single implants were placed and implant supported porcelain crowns were restored

Case #9: Porcelain Crown

[Before]: Upper front tooth cavity around the original crown

[After]: New porcelain crown was fabricated to closely mimic the color and shape of nearby teeth

Case #10: Porcelain Veneers

[Before]: Upper front teeth with cavities and discoloration

[After]: Upper front teeth restored with porcelain veneers showing improved esthetics

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